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robinson dsouza
Aug 24, 2021
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Cash App has become very popular for peer-to-peer transactions over recent years. It lets people send and receive money in a matter of seconds. While sending money, it is easy to make a mistake such as sending it to the wrong person or sending the wrong amount. So, here is a guide on how to process a refund is essential whether you are the recipient or the sender. How to Refund Cash App? To refund a Cash App refund transaction you simply need to follow these steps: Log in to Cash App and at the home screen tap “Activity” Select the payment you intend to refund Tap the “…” button Select refund and press ok Cash App was introduced in 2015 by Square Cash and since then it has been growing steadily. Even though it’s restricted to the U.S and UK it has amassed more than 36 million active users. Creating a Cash App account is free and clients can even receive a free Visa debit card that you can connect with your account and make purchases. Initiating Refunds In Cash App Cash App’s instant transactions make it a reliable tool but also ensures that clients cannot cancel payments easily. So, a client who has made a mistake in sending funds will have to opt for a refund. Cash App refund are completely reliant on the recipient of the error payment. The person or merchant has to be willing to facilitate the refund for it to work. Cash App does not guarantee that a person will get their money back just by requesting a refund. So people need to be careful when sending money by confirming the recipient’s $Cash tag and their phone number. As the recipient, you will have to agree to a refund or initiate it yourself by using the following process. Log in to the Cash App refund account where the transaction was made and get to the home page. From there, tap “Activity” and locate the payment that you wish to refund then click on it. Tap on the three dots at the top of your screen, choose the “Refund” option, and press OK. When you are the sender, you need to know the steps you need to take to get your refund. If your transaction is pending, you can cancel it which will be a much easier process. First, you have to confirm that the payment went through or whether it is “pending.” There are different reasons why people request refunds. For peer-to-peer transactions, it is usually because of mistaking the recipient and sometimes even making an error on the amount. When it comes to merchants, people request refunds because; They didn’t receive the goods they purchased The goods were damaged or faulty Missing items from delivery Some people maliciously request refunds just because they can and want to try their luck on getting free items or services which is not advisable.

robinson dsouza

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